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Guide to Landing Pages for SEO • Marketing Guides

Guide to Landing Pages for SEO

Tom Gerken
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Landing Pages Are Crucial

After we’ve identified our top target audiences and selected our most valuable keywords.  We can dive into the next important step in increasing our web presence: creating pages that are well aligned with the searches while still strategically serving a larger goal.   At the very least, providing free content on a nice looking company website will bring positive awareness of your company to people in your field but it can do so much more.

How valuable would it be if you were the search result that your target customers hit at the apex of their buying cycle and you can generate high-quality, high-value leads for your sales team?  Wouldn’t that transform your business?

Tips to Writing Lots of Great Articles

  • Always keep a lengthy, well-sorted list of article ideas and have team members research and tackle articles as the inspiration strikes.  Think about what questions you had and what you wish someone had told you when you were first getting started in the topic.  What are helpful examples to teach important concepts.
  • A great trick to writing a lot of high quality content is to take a conversational tone and imagine you were informing a friend via email of your research and knowledge.  Try to impart helpful knowledge and inspiring overtones that make your readers want to share the article with their colleages for information and motivation.
  • Remember that you are sharing valuable information and time with your visitors and you have to power to inform thousands of people with each article you publish

Types of Landing Pages

We’ll need different types of content to serve different purposes.  We’ll want to really polish the landing pages corresponding to our high-value search phrases that indicate an intent to buy.

Where to Focus Your Precious Time

In modern business, attention is our greatest resource and it’s important to prioritize the best ideas above the nice-to-haves.  Start with and frequently revisit your site’s pillar content that converts your most valuable traffic into a lead when they are interested to buy.

If you have a team, have the SMEs and/or researchers write a detailed outline for along with selecting some resources for the writer to read/watch before they hammer out the verbiage.    When you publish the site, make sure to use <h2> headings for the major steps in your outline, Google values this highly.

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