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Link Building Guide

Tom Gerken
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Link Building Guide

Welcome our quick guide to effective link building.  Here’s what you need to know.

In this quick guide, we will look at how to generate more backlinks to your website and even how to create multiple websites that link to one another to increase web presence organically, without having an advertising budget.


One of the largest factors in search rankings is links from reputable sites.  If you already run one or more reputable sites, you can use your sites’ reputation to boost your sites via links.  If you are new to the internet, we will explore other great tactics for building links using social media accounts and video hosting platforms.


Here’s an inspirational fact to get us motivated to improve our web presence.  Experts now estimate that there are more than 5 billion searches per day and growing.  Many people worldwide use internet searching to make their buying decisions.



Developing a Strategy · The Three Pillars of SEO

With that in mind, let’s get to strategy.  You can get millions of eyes on your brands and products over the next 3 years by working diligently to build your web presence.  There are three pillars of web presence and SEO:

  1. Identification of Target Audiences and Search Terms
  2. Great Content Authoring
  3. High-Quality Backlink Generation


This guide will focus on the third pillar: link building.

First, it is important to understand that not all links are created equal and they differ in their value added to your site

  • The first and least valuable of the types is called an internal link.  An internal link is where one page of your site links to another page on the same site.
  • The other type of link is called an external link or a backlink.  These links are very valuable to your web presence as they boost your pages in search results for related searches.  The value of the external link is proportional to the reputation of the linking domain



How to Improve Your SEO and Web Presence

There are several actions that we recommend:

  • Create more sites for your brands, products, and related industries using WordPress themes that you buy off ThemeForest.com
  • Write more posts and publish them on your websites
  • Create video content for the same topics you write about in your articles and publish them to all the major video platforms and use the description and comments sections for linking back to your content
  • Improve company SEO and inform your fans about new posts and videos by sharing links on social media to your content
  • Add links whenever you can, where ever you can.  Make sure that the link text and words around the text use phrases that you are targeting in searches


Finally, one important overlooked aspect of link building is to return to your older posts, pages, and videos on major hosting sites and update the content to add relevant links.  It is often much easier to go back through your videos and add links to the descriptions than writing new content from scratch. The same can be done with published articles or guides, you can enhance them with more information and links to other pertinent information you’ve published elsewhere.


If you have a large marketing team, you should get a solution for planning marketing content for maximum impact.  MountaintopSystems.com has a great low-cost solution for marketing teams to collaborate more effectively.

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