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Keyword Research · Identify High Value Search Phrases

Tom Gerken
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The Importance of Selecting High-Value Search Phrases to Target

Selecting which keywords to target is the difference between success and failure in internet promotion.  Much of today’s modern lead generation occurs online and developing and executing a great search engine strategy will bring tons of niche traffic to your door and the time you spend strategizing about which search phrases to target is crucial in developing an effective market presence in your industry.

Selecting which keywords to target is the first step in boosting your web presence and will serve as the guiding direction for all of your SEO and marketing work to come.


Start With Your Key Target Audiences

If you haven’t already, take a moment to think of your most profitable 2-3 target audiences with the buying cycles you’re most equipt to service.  Try not to be too broad as to include too many unqualified people as you will tend to miss the perfect people trying if you try to be all things to all people.  Also, don’t restrict yourself too drastically in selecting your audience.

There are two types of searches that web surfers make:

  • Looking for free information
  • Looking for the best product/service option (importantly, the searcher has buying intent)

If you’ve ever paid for Google search ads you know that the keywords that indicate that the searcher has the buying intent are fought over by companies at much higher CPC rates than searches for free information.

In many cases the cost to get your ad in front of your target audience is so expensive that unless you have an amazing web site, lead capturing, sales team, and remarketing channels you would never see a return on the investment.


Utilizing Google Ads in A Better Way

The primary purposes of Google Ads to the Intelligent Marketer are:

  1. Identify which search phrase indicate the most valuable traffic to your company.  By seeing how much companies are paying to show on the first page of search results we get a quick indication on if the search phrase indicates the searcher is looking to buy something.  Phrase values are relative to each company and phrases that are valuable to another company may be almost worthless to you.  Let’s look at an example from the time of writing: it cost $350/click to be #1 for “mesothelioma lawyer”, $282 to be #1 for “car accident lawyer”, $215/click to be $1 for “accident lawyer”, and to be at the top for “lawyer” cost $14/click.  Clearly, there are professional laywers who can make lots of money if they find the right mesothelioma or accident victims to take on as clients.  The ads read like “Submit A Claim Today To Get The Money You Deserve.”, “Free Legal Consultation.” .. “An estimated $30 Billion has been set aside for mesothelioma victims and their families”
  2. Identify monthly search volumes.  Google shares how many monthly searches to expect for each phrase.  More traffic is great but don’t fall into the trap of targeting semi-relevant phrases with the highest search volume at the exclusion of your most profitable & relevant phrases.  Instead, try to maximize total value which we define as the sum of each targeted phrase’s volume * value of its traffic.  Remember we can target thousands of search phrases, so don’t be too picky but always stay relevant


Make A List of Your Top Valued Phrases and Revisit it Often!  Things change so keep it approximately sorted with the highest value phrases at the top.  Don’t be shy: try to get thousands and thousands of great keywords.

Utilizing Google Search Autocomplete for Search Phrase Ideas

A great techniques for coming up with ideas is doing google searches and watching the suggestions that drop under as you type.  Use your best finds to search Google Ads Keyword Planner for more ideas.


Once you’re done targeting your keywords, it’s time to organize your existing content and create new content to align with these search phrases and ultimately the searchers that are in a predicable place in the sales process for your product or service.  Stay tuned for more articles about that and much, much more

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